Sad news

Dear colleagues and friends,

The Association of Professors from Slavonic Countries has lost one of its creators - the man with the capital letter, the deserving scientist of the Republic of Belarus, the actual member of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences Anatoly Petrovich Smantser.

Thanks to Anatoly Petrovich, the creative links between the two most prestigious universities in the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Bulgaria - the Belarusian State University and the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” were restored.

The creative cooperation of Anatoly Petrovich with all of us - university professors and researchers from the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Belarus, Moldova, the Republic of Poland, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic has given birth to a new component of the pedagogical science system - Preventive Pedagogy.

For all of us, the members of the Association of Professors from Slavonic Countries, communicating with Anatoly Petrovich Smantser was the source of new pedagogical thinking, of innovative ideas in the field of pedagogical science. The creative inspiration, the optimism, the incorruptible humanity of Anatoly Petrovich left no scientist, teacher, researcher, student, teacher, or any of us who touched him indifferent.

Farewell Anatoly Petrovich! Farewell irreplaceable colleague and friend!

You remain in our hearts and in our future affairs!

From the members of the Association of Professors from Slavonic Countries!

Chairman of the APSS:

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Emilia Rangelova


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